Reliance Technology Solutions Announces New Office 365 Service

Reliance Technology Solutions Announces New Office 365 Service(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Reliance Technology Solutions now offers Office 365, a cloud-based office suite from Microsoft that allows workers access to email, messaging, video conferencing, and Office applications from virtually anywhere.

“Today’s workforce is both virtually connected and geographically dispersed,” said Mark Haake, president and CEO of the company. “Because workers are connected via the Internet, they need the ability to quickly communicate with co-workers who are often located around the country, even the world. Combine that with the fact that a person oftentimes uses several devices in the course of a workday—a smartphone, tablet, laptop, perhaps even a desktop back at the office—and it becomes imperative that work products be stored at a central location, accessible from anywhere and by almost any device.”

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based (hosted) email solution. It also includes two other main features, SharePoint online and Lync Communications service. Combined, these three solutions provide businesses with an integrated communication service that allows businesses of all sizes to easily stay in touch via instant messaging, video conferencing, and e-mail.

Adding Office to Office 365 provides a mobile office, giving workers access to the latest versions of Microsoft software across all of their devices. One advantage with this solution is that the interface is so familiar. Also, a high level of security is provided.

“When we chose to start supporting O365 we obviously had to check it out for ourselves. We replaced our in-house mail and SharePoint servers with the hosted solution and put it to the test. I can sum up our experience in three words…’Vastly improved communication!'” said Haake.

“We were already using Exchange Mail Server, so our email experience really didn’t change,” he continued. “However, the Lync server has proven itself invaluable to our office. We now have the ability to ‘chat’ online from anywhere. We can also host online meetings, have video calls, and much more.

“In short, we have been very impressed with the ease of use and the ability to effectively manage this service for our clients.”

Reliance Technology Solutions is an IT service company in the greater Cincinnati area for small to medium-sized businesses. The company is located at 5740 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 203, Mason, Ohio, 45040. For additional information: or call 513-398-7324