RemedyOne Shares 3 Ways to Speed Up WordPress Performance Immediately

RemedyOne Shares 3 Ways to Speed Up WordPress Performance Immediately(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – “WordPress can be incredibly slow,” said Simon Hunter, CEO of San Diego web design company RemedyOne today. “We have 3 ways to speed up WordPress to keep your customers coming back to your site,” said Hunter.

When your site uses the WordPress framework, it can soon become unresponsive and your customers may become frustrated or even leave the site.

To keep your customers delighted with your online presence, it’s important to focus on site performance. In our new article we detail three often-overlooked methods for boosting performance:

1. Check your host

In the past, shared hosting was the norm. Most WordPress websites were served from overused, over-taxed web hosts, and performance really suffered. If you’re serious about performance this is the place to make real changes.

If your host is not optimized for WordPress sites, consider switching to a different package or a different host altogether.

Over many years operating San Diego web design company RemedyOne, the web design team noticed that simply switching to an optimized host improved performance dramatically.

2. Cache and minify

When a website creates a cache, it is generating a stored copy of a web-page and serving that to the visitor. This is far quicker than generating the page on-the-fly and serving that page to the visitor. If you want to speed up WordPress and improve site performance, make sure you are using a caching plugin.

Likewise, strip down your site to only the most essential parts. Combine and minify CSS and Javascript files for fewer requests. If this sounds complicated, rest assured, there are tools available to help, detailed in RemedyOne’s article,Speed Up WordPress, available on their website.

3. Use a CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a way to super-charge your site’s performance, and it’s a great secret weapon to have when working on your web design. By storing your large files such as images, videos and scripts on a fast server network like Amazon’s, you can reap amazing rewards.

Then, speed up WordPress even further by using free caching and CDN tools like Cloudflare.

Simply using these three techniques can speed up WordPress dramatically, keeping your customers delighted and your web business thriving.

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