Remote Lock Arrives for Google Android Device Manager

Remote Lock Arrives for Google Android Device Manager(Ping!  Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A new addition has arrived for Google’s recently launched Android Device Manager (made available in August). According to a report from The Verge on Tuesday, both remote lock and password reset features are now available on Android 2.2 and up devices.

Such remote locking can be accomplished by using the web browser. Users are also able to set a new password remotely to use when they’ve finally (fingers crossed) recovered their respective Android devices.

Meanwhile, The Verge’s report noted that locking the Android device would immediately secure it if it’s connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network at the time. If the device, however, is turned off or in airplane mode, the remote reset will go into effect as soon as the device is connected to a network.

Android Device Manager also features the ability to remotely ring your phone device when its lost in addition to securely erasing data.

You can learn more about Android Device Manager and how to access it via a Google blog post here (