Remote Support Service ITZooka Adds New Software Improving Its PC Fixing Speed and Ability

Remote Support Service ITZooka Adds New Software Improving Its PC Fixing Speed and Ability(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – ZookaWare has announced ITZooka, an unlimited remote tech support and PC optimization software program. While ZookaWare previously offered ITZooka only as a remote support service this new software release makes it easier than ever to get help with your computer.

The ITZooka software features built in “Remote Support” and “Live Chat” buttons allowing ITZooka subscribers to quickly and easily request help with any computer issue. When an ITZooka user does ask for help, they are quickly greeted by a ZookaWare support technician, with an average live chat response time of 24 seconds in April 2014. The technician works with the customer to solve their computer issue until the problem is fixed. ZookaWare technicians are able to connect to the user’s computer and solve the problem remotely, without any action needed by the user aside from allowing the technician to access their computer.

“A windows registry cleaner, like our own SpeedZooka, is great for fixing a variety of problems.” Stated Carl Haugen, Founder and President of ZookaWare. “But no software program alone can match the power of our technicians ability to fix your computer problems like we do with ITZooka.”

The ITZooka software also adds powerful PC optimization and cleanup software tools. The new software brings ITZooka subscribers the ability to resolve a wide range of system issues including registry errors, system file cleanup, registry fragmentation, and browser problems.

ITZooka’s most noticeable feature is its 3 step scan, detect, and repair process which finds and resolves more than 3 dozen categories of registry errors, unneeded system logs, temporary system files and browser files. Browser history, temporary files and tracking cookies in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera are all able to be cleaned by ITZooka, freeing up disk space and preserving user privacy.

Also included in the ITZooka software is a startup program manager. Many programs set themselves to run at Windows startup without the user’s knowledge, wasting system resources. The ITZooka startup manager lets computer users disable these unwanted programs with one click, speeding up Windows startup time.

ITZooka also includes a registry defrag feature to optimize the Windows registry for faster and more reliable data access. This feature is essential for any registry cleaning program which may otherwise leave gaps in the Windows registry. The registry defragmenter reorganizes Windows registry files for maximum speed and efficiency.

In order to resolve system problems caused by missing or damaged system files the ITZooka software brings with it a feature called “DLL scan” which searches to computer for non-working system DLL files. Any problem DLL files are replaced by working versions downloaded securely from ZookaWare’s servers.

For expert computer users ITZooka includes Advanced System Tools that are able to directly modify important system and browser settings, making complex system changes a simple one click process.

With the release of the ITZooka software it’s now easier than ever for computer users to optimize their PCs and quickly get expert computer assistance in the comfort of their own homes.

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ZookaWare ( continues to secure and optimizer computers worldwide since 2004. All ZookaWare products and services are backed by 100% product guarantees to solve all of your computer issues and unlimited 24/7 U.S. based technical support by phone, live chat and email. ZookaWare programs include: ITZooka – 24/7 Unlimited Remote IT Support, SpeedZooka – Windows Registry Cleaner & PC Optimizer, CloudZooka – Unlimited Online Cloud Backup and SpyZooka – Antispyware. With over 200,000 fans on Facebook ZookaWare is proud to be the most liked company in its hometown of Anchorage, Alaska USA.