Report: “GeoHot” Takes Job at Facebook; working on iPad App?

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Recent reports point to renowned hacker George Hotz (also known as Geohot) taking a job at social networking giant Facebook.

Tech Unwrapped reported that the news was initially discussed by a member of the Chronic-Dev Team who had given Hotz a hacking challenge. However, Hotz turned down the opportunity, citing his new job.

Apparently Hotz also has himself listed as an employee on his Facebook page.

Hotz first gained notoriety after hacking the iPhone and Sony’s PlayStation 3. He was subsequently sued by Sony but the two sides reached a settlement in March.

Despite the news, Facebook has yet to comment. Some reports speculate that Hotz may be helping Facebook with work on its new app for the iPad. However, it’s not entirely certain.