Report: More Businesses Replacing Laptops with Tablets

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Value recovery and E-Waste disposal company, reports an increase of 62 percent in the last 3 months from large and small businesses replacing laptops and notebooks with tablet computers.

Technologies have continued to evolve over the past couple years and allowed sales teams to become increasingly mobile, but still stay connected to their main offices. Today, the price and portability of mobile electronics only help salespeople do a much better job to enhance productivity, efficiency and make more dynamic presentations.

It’s no secret that portable electronic devices like laptops have surpassed traditional desktop popularity and sales. But similar to DVD players replacing VCR’s, will 2011 be the year of powerful new tablet devices finally outpacing laptops and notebooks?

“The mobility and clarity on the newer tablets make for better presentation and ease of handling,” says David Bernstein, President of AnythingIT, Inc. “No doubt this will be a trend moving forward worldwide, but here in the US we can absolutely see how the tablet will eventually replace the laptop and even the desktop ultimately.”

While you can pick any industry that uses “road warriors” to drive company sales, the benefits of sales teams using or switching to a tablet are obvious. Tablets are smaller, trimmer, easier to grab and go, have enough battery life to last all day and most are moderately priced compared to laptops.

In 2011, you will see many people not just corporations and small businesses using tablets. Every company needs a highly skilled and efficient sales force that can quickly display product information and eliminate the waste with other issues that does not drive sales.