Researchers Hack Ford Prius, Take Control of Steering

Researchers Hack Ford Prius, Take Control of Steering(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Future tactics could see the steering and braking of automobiles taken control of by hackers, two researchers have warned.

Both Charlie Miller and Chris Valesek are set to present their case at hacking convention DefCon 21 on Friday, August 2nd.

According to a report from The Telegraph on Monday, the testers claimed to have taken control of a Toyota Prius, steering the car and applying the brakes with a remote controller. The car’s system was hacked using a laptop.

Coding for the method is expected to be released during the presentation.

However, a representative for Toyota noted the hacking method required a physical connection. “We are familiar with the demonstration on a Prius. We note that it involved physically connecting a laptop scan tool to the on board diagnostic (OBD II) port and used it to control or override certain functions. A portion of the instrument panel was removed to enable this,” stated the spokesperson in The Telegraph’s report. Toyota also called the idea of using Bluetooth to hack a car “naive.”

It’s not the first time a wild form of hacking has been presented, though. Earlier this year in April, researchers showed a concept in which hackers could take control of an airplane’s system by simply using an Android phone. Scary, right?