Reseller Hosting Examined

From time to time I am asked about reseller hosting options. Many web hosting companies offer a reseller program, therefore there are myriad options to choose from.

I have noticed a few more aggressive programs out there and some new developments that may be of interest to those who are considering entering into the hosting business through the reseller channel.

In the news, two resellers have recently announced some moves that are designed to increase their standings among resellers. First up is – originally a UK hosting firm which shares the URL The company has notified the marketplace that it intends to aggressively pursue U.S. hosting resellers. The company has enormous resources to achieve this being a part of United Internet – the parent company of web hosting behemoth, 1 and 1. As the first step in the campaign to attract attention in the U.S., the company is offering a ‘3 months free’ promotion to encourage adoption in the new market. The cost of the service then reverts to the standard 50 pounds per month that the company charges for reseller accounts. A look around the reseller section of the website tells a hosting professional that this reseller program is for real – with many aspects and opportunities.

The second reseller with news out right now is website hosting company which is also based in the U.K. According to the company’s blog, the hosting reseller program has been revised and updated to include a threefold increase in resources over the previous plan. The price is also considerably lower than the Fasthosts deal, coming in at just 15 pounds per month. According to Business Director, Stuart Melling, ”Our reseller accounts are perfect for web designers, small businesses or anyone looking to resell hosting services. The plan takes all the hassle out of multiple domain hosting. Everything is controllable through a really easy to use online control panel. Clients can add, delete or modify their domain hosting however they want, and whenever they want. That’s all backed by our renowned customer service team, where everyone has been a webmaster at some point. They know exactly what our customers need and how to help them.”

Two other options that one may consider for reselling hosting are Verio’s reseller program – viaVerio – and HostGator web hosting. The viaVerio offering was an early entrant into the hosting reseller space and is worth considering for a couple of reasons: experience and products. The viaVerio team has been doing this for as long as anybody out there, and the professionalism at the brand is built through real-world knowledge. Additionally, this is one of the reseller programs that has a really wide range of products, like VPS hosting, that can be resold. The drawback may be the cost – both to the reseller and the end user as the margins needed are evident. HostGator is a great and fast growing web hosting provider that has earned a good reputation among hosting professionals. You can check out the reseller program here. The big claim to fame for HostGator has been the ‘unlimited’ sites per account feature. I presume that as long as you can fit the websites into the account specifications – you can keep adding them. The prices range from under 25 dollars for the entry level plans up to about 100 dollars for the high end plans.

Good luck to those of you who are considering entering hosting as a reseller. Remember – the platform makes a bit of a difference, but the real differentiator in a hosting business is the quality of the operations, the products, the prices and the services. These will all be set by you – the reseller.

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