Respawn Talks Titanfall & Xbox Live Cloud

titanfall(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Respawn Entertainment on Monday took time to explain how its upcoming title, Titanfall, will utilize the Xbox Live Cloud on Xbox One.

“The vast majority of games will pick a player and have them act as the server for the match. This means that all of the other players talk to them to decide what happens in a game. When you shoot your gun, the server decides if that is allowed and then tells everyone what you hit. Let’s agree to call this system “player-hosted” for simplicity,” stated the company’s Abbie Heppe via a blog post.

Respawn also addressed concerns including lag, host advantage, cheating, disconnections, bandwidth and more. You can read the entire post here (

Titfanfall, a mecha first-person shooter, will arrive for Xbox One, the 360 and Windows sometime early next year. It’s the first release from Respawn, a development company formed by Call of Duty veterans at Infinity Ward.