Rift Developer Soon To Launch Minecraft Like Free Online Game

Rift Developer Soon To Launch Minecraft Like Free Online Game(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A new online PC game will soon be coming out, giving giving block building fans something to look forward to.

Trion Worlds, RGP Rift and game developer, recently announced its newest free online role playing game, Trove. This game is set in a constructible/destructible block world, much like Minecraft, filled with “quests, chests, and enemies great and small.”

According to Trove’s official website, users can create their own trans-dimensional house, travel through unlimited dungeon variations, and harvest resources to make useful and powerful items.

“Our vision with Trove was simple: create a game that generates exciting new worlds on a regular basis, has free-form exploration that makes going through a mountain as rewarding as going over it, and enables community contributions to significantly impact the game,” states the website.

Players who want to test the game while it’s still in alpha stage can do so here.