Riot Games Announces League of Legends Black Friday Skin Sale

Riot Games Announces League of Legends Black Friday Skin Sale(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Starting on Black Friday, League of Legends developer Riot Games will be offering gamers a huge skin sale.

“A pair of ne’erdowells are putting the squeeze on League of Legends. In the dead of night, they broke into the store and stole Hippalus’ most prized possessions (he really loves his socks),” says the developer. “The two best detectives in the history of detecting are on the case but, to prevent further chaos, we’re giving in to their demands. These are dark days in League… kind of.Here are their demands-”

Riot explains via blog post that the sale will begin November 28th and go through December 1st, where a self mystery gifting and double IP weekend will also occur.

Below is the following skins that will be available during the four days of sales:

00:01 PST November 28 through 23:59 PST November 28

00:01 PST November 29 through 23:59 PST November 29

00:01 PST November 30 through 23:59 PST November 30

00:01 PST December 1 through 23:59 PST December 1