Ripoff NFL Retail Sites Included Among Domains Seized by ICE

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – NFL replica jerseys are pretty popular clothing items in the United States, but getting them can often cost a pretty penny. And for many American consumers, receiving counterfeit items that aren’t the real deal isn’t an option.

On Thursday, reported that U.S. Federal authorities had worked to thwart the operations of seven online sites selling such sports apparel.

Among the most notable ones was Attempting to visit the site displays a message indicating the domain had been seized through ICE following a warrant approved by a U.S. district court.

The NFL wasn’t the only professional sports league included among the sites. Fake jerseys pertaining to the NBA, MLB and NHL were along in the mix, according to the Desert News. The shutdown measure came as part of Project Copycat, an initiative carried out by ICE to cut down of infringing websites pretending to be the real deal.

“Many of the websites so closely resembled the legitimate websites that it would be difficult for even the most discerning consumer to tell the difference,” read a news release provided through ICE also commented on how the counterfeit sites made use of unfairly-obtained SSL certificates to further appear genuine.  All in all, a total of seventy websites were seized in the latest move.

“Every day the U.S. economy and American jobs are negatively impacted by criminal organizations engaged in the sale of counterfeit merchandise through rogue websites. Even more importantly, consumer’s health and safety can be threatened when they unknowingly purchase counterfeit products,” commented IPR Center Direct Lev Kubiak in ICE’s news release. ICE has previously worked to shut down 769 infringing domains.