Runescape 3 Is Finally Here

screenshot_8(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The beta testing has finally come to an end and Jagex has finally released its latest edition to the Runescape series, Runscape 3.

Runescape 3 features amazing improvements in graphics and infterface. It also allows users to choose between the traditional Java version or the new HTML 5 version, which truely makes the game run smoother. Another great feature is the new interface, allowing users to fully customize keybinds.

“The simultaneous launch of RuneScape 3 around the world has been made possible by the hard work and dedication of our team over the last year,” said Phil Mansell, Executive Producer of RuneScape 3 in a press release. “RuneScape 3 ushers in a new age for players in terms of user-driven content, story, gameplay and technology, and we couldn’t be more excited for them to write the next chapter in RuneScape’s epic saga.”

Jagex also published an infographic with the release of Runescape 3. The inforgraphic announced that 220 million accounts had been created, with a total game play time of one million years. The infographic also reported that 370,000,000 xp is earned each minute. One last interesting statistic showed that there were 1,441 player trades per minute, which is twice as many trades as the London Stock Group per minute. The full infographic can be here.

RuneScape 3 is availble to play for free and only requires your web browser. To learn more about the game or to start playing, you can visit