Russian hacker Sandworm blamed for Ukraine power outage

US cyber intelligence has determined that a Russian hacking group caused last month’s power outage in western Ukraine

US cyber intelligence firm iSight Partners said it is certain that a Russian hacking group known as Sandworm caused last month’sunprecedented power outage in Ukraine.

“We believe that Sandworm was responsible,” iSight’s director of espionage analysis, John Hultquist, told Reuters.

ISight and other cybersecurity companies had been leaning toward blaming Sandworm, a nebulous, Moscow-based hacking group that has been strategically aligned with the Russian government, because of the Ukraine hackers’ use of BlackEnergy malware associated with Sandworm.

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US security agencies have suspected that Russia was behind the Ukraine power outage as well as similar attacks in the United States and Europe, but have not publicly named any culprits to date.

Ukraine’s state security service has blamed Russia for the blackout affecting 80,000 customers in western Ukraine on December 23.

Source: RFE/RL: Russian hacker Sandworm blamed for Ukraine power outage