Russian Spam King Lands in Big House

(Ping! Zine) – Infect the computer systems of over 30 million online users and if caught, you could be set for a relatively harsh punishment. According to a BBC report on Thursday, the Russian cyber-criminal behind the notorious Bredolab botnet received a four year prison sentence in Armenia for his involvement in the scheme.

Bredolab relied on a number of tactics including phishing and automated attacks to earn  27-year old creator Georgiy Avanesov around 100 thousand euros per month, according to the report. The botnet was initially introduced in 2009 but authorities began taking action against it the following year.

Avanesov was originally apprehended by authorities at an Armenian airport in 2010.

The botnet creator’s conviction sets a new landmark for the Armenian court system. According to the BBC, reports indicated that it was the first time someone in the country had been found guilty for participating in a cyber-crime.

Botnets infecting mass computer systems are a common tactic used by cyber criminals to earn money through deceptive practices. Earlier this year in March, top tech company Microsoft worked to seize two key servers used in the operation of the Zeus botnet, a keylogging operation known to have infected millions of systems.