RVGlobalSoft Launches RVLogin – A Shield Guard for WHM/SSH Single Sign on

rvlogin(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – RVGlobalSoft is a well-known brand among web-hosting system admins, business persons, and the media in public. The decade of RVGlobalSoft’s products has now fueled a fire of inspiration that will move the values of web-hosting industry up into a more advanced level. From the start-up until this year, more than 8,000 web-hosting providers who trust in website building, control panel management, and advanced security technology of RVGlobalSoft.

RVGlobalsoft continuously provide key solutions to the web hosting provider and data center so its our responsibility to come across with all the different scope of development which can make your business successful.

Often we see that administrator spend costly hours after hours just to manage their servers and they go through all sorts of hassle, even they don’t get any assurance for the security. And once again our experienced development team with a mission that “ time is money “ has developed RVLogin – a tool for your WHM & SSH Single-sign on to hundreds or thousands of your servers.

With RVLogin, you will have one access to manage and administer your servers with ease under highly secured environment. In combination with RV2Factor, a 2-factor authentication for truly web-hosting business, the RVLogin will provide you an identity-based authentication that prevents your servers from any kinds of latest attacks to your server. Once you set up you SSH Gateway Server, RVLogin is a one single place that you and your server admin teams will be able to harness all difficulties in accessing multiple servers in your facilities or data centers.

RVLogin works for WHM users, SSH Users, and also benefits those business users who own and manage dozens of servers via a group of server admins working for them.

WHM Users

Control while fully integrate single sign-on for WHM with advanced security of 2-Factor Authentication. Use RVLogin with fully customizable URLs to gain access to all WHMs and control the security level of individual access with RV2Factor. Something like “Shield” it and then “Guard” it. A simply perfect plan for your WHM management.

SSH Users

Secure Shell (SSH) is a simple access. However, it needs to be highly secure when there are multiple users accessing several servers at the same time, and sometimes by the same identities. RVLogin provides a single portal to access SSH servers, while it protects the rights to access by means of 2-Factor Authentication at the same time.

Business Users

Your servers should be controlled and accessed from on standard login portal. They must be also all-times secured in terms of end-point protection. This single sign-on for WHM/SSH is based a world-class technology from Symantec cloud-based security. RVLogin is thus working to serve you with cloud computing standard’s SLA and compliance.

Unique features of RVLogin
● Unified Gateway and Controllable Access
● Experience Advance level of Security
● One Portal – Multiple Access
● Reduce Time, Reduce Costs, Reduce Risks

Use RVLogin and experience a new way to manage your server’s admin access Now !!

Learn more about RVLogin at www.rvlogin.technology

Learn more about RVGlobalSoft at www.rvglobalsoft.com

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