Sale of Botnets Leads to 30 Month Prison Stint

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Sell some botnets and you could find yourself in big trouble with the law. On Thursday, the U.S. Justice Department announced a 30 month prison stint for an Arizona man guilty of selling command-and-control access to an illegal online operation.

Those botnets were capable of what the Department says operated thousands of infected computer systems. While the prison sentence is new, the case is actually over a year old, leading back to when Joshua Schichtel, aged 30, please guilty.

“Individuals who wanted to infect computers with various different types of malicious software (malware) would contact Schichtel and pay him to install, or have installed, malware on the computers that comprised those botnets,” commented the Department in a press release.

One incident in the case included a customer who paid the defendant $1,500 to infect a network accounting for 72 thousand computers. Specifically, Schichtel’s violations go against the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, officials indicated. Botnets are commonly used to coordinate wide ranging attacks including DDoS.