Samsung And HTC Introduce Smart Gloves

Samsung And HTC Introduce Smart Gloves(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – April Fools has finally arrived and some of the biggest tech companies are trying their hand at a little Aprils Fools humor.

Samsung and HTC seemed to have been on the same page with their prank, as both of the companies teased their new smart-gloves.

Samsung’s first ever wearable glove, the Samsung Fingers, features a flexible Super Emo-LED for the “technology-sensitive consumer.”

Samsung Fingers includes a built-in MIC, hidden beam projector, built in speaker,4GB of RAM, supports 5G network, and a hidden 16 megapixel camera that is perfect for those who love to take selfies.

The smart glove has gyro, voice, and gesture recognition sensors that enable the wearer to use hand gestures to make, receive, or reject a call.

This innovative piece of technology is very eco-friendly, the wearer just raises their hand towards the sun and the glove charges right up.

The Samsung Finger comes in three different models, Finger, Fingers Tough, and Fingers Class, for those looking to add a little style to their glove.

Also announced today is the HTC Gluuv, a smart glove that features a boom box, HTC BoomBass, 87.2 megapixel camera, and a 1080 p HD resolution.

After the Gluuv is out of beta testing, it will be able to integrate with the HTC One (M8) so that all your social media, contacts, and music will be right at the tip of your fingers.

“When it comes to virtual reality, the HTC Gluuv has more than a few tricks up its sleeve. Capture your world. Share your triumphs. Be entertained like never before. Our never-expanding app collection takes your Gluuv game to the next level.”