Samsung Expands SSDs Included in New MacBook Air

macbookairPZ1(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Let’s be honest: Tech companies make weird bedfellows. After going at each other’s throats over patent designs for some time now, Samsung has produced an SSD available in the new Apple MacBook Air.

However, according to a report from Techradar on Monday, that SSD (also known as “solid state drive”) will be mass produced for other devices.

A 512GB SSD will also become available by the Korean-based tech company.

“With the Samsung XP941, we have become the first to provide the highest performance PCIe SSD to global PC makers so that they can launch leading-edge ultra-slim notebook PCs this year,” stated Samsung’s Young-Hyun Jun in a press release, according to Techradar.

Samsung’s SSD is both smaller and faster than those available in previous models.