Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Dates for U.S.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Dates for U.S.(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – If you’ve been reading mobile tech news lately, it’s hard to pass over the fact that a lot of people are looking forward to the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.

And while it’s a pretty sure bet the device will arrive at mobile carriers sometime next month, there is always the chance of delays and who know what else.

Considering how highly anticipated the Galaxy Note 3 is, we thought we’d compile a list of likely release dates through wireless carriers for the device:

T-Mobile – T-Mobile has confirmed it’ll be releasing the Galaxy Note 3 on October 2nd along with Galaxy Gear.

AT&T – AT&T on Friday noted that it had begun taking pre-orders for the Note 3. The company also said the device would begin shipping October 1st.

Verizon – Pre-orders of the Galaxy Note 3 are currently available through Verizon. Meanwhile, arrival is slated for October 10th.

Sprint – Sprint is currently accepting pre-register alerts for users to find out exactly when the device will be released through the wireless carrier.