Samsung Galaxy S4 Unveiling: Expected Features

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The day that many mobile enthusiasts have long anticipated has arrived: Today at 7PM, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S4 during an event held at NYC’s Times Square.

Users, meanwhile, can livestream the unveiling live at And while the product has yet to officially debut, possible details and rumors regarding the device have been hitting the web.

Here’s what we gather:

Display – Chinese forums have kept busy with purportedly leaked images of the device. According to a report from ABC News, a display of 108op similar to that of the Galaxy Note 2 could be in the mix. CNET, meanwhile, noted the device would feature a “high-resolution 5-inch class screen.”

Eye Scrolling? A report from the New York Times earlier this month noted the device could feature what was described as an eye tracking capability to provide for page scrolling. However, some have speculated such an offering may not arrive until later.

Processor Power: Two different internals of the phone could be provided for. According to a CNET report, the phone could follow the “same path” as its predecessor – providing one version with a Samsung silicon processor while another could support one from Qualcomm.

Plastic Body: A report from the Washington Post signals the idea that Samsung will continue with a plastic body design as opposed to an aluminum one apparent in the iPhone.

Watch a trailer for the Samsung Galaxy S4 below: