Samsung Readying ‘Galaxy Gear’ Smartwatch for Sep 4

Samsung Readying ‘Galaxy Gear’ Smartwatch for Sep 4(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Is the era of the much discussed smartwatch about to kick off? A report from Bloomberg on Friday cited sources who signaled that Samsung would unveil such a device sometime next month.

Set to be powered by the mobile OS Android, sources also said the product would possibly compete with a similar offering from Apple.

Meanwhile, the speculated date is September 4th, also when Samsung is rumored to take the wraps off the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.

“Wearable devices could be one of the trends in the smartphone market, but I’m not sure yet whether watches or glasses will set the trend,” Nomura Holdings analyst Chung Chang Won told Bloomberg.

The smartwatch market has been much discussed but we haven’t seen anything concrete just yet. It does have potential, though. Devices like Nike’s Fuel Band and the FitBit Flex have performed relatively well for fitness fans.