Samsung Series 9 Color Added: 15” Laptop Looks Sleek In Silver

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The 15-inch version of the super thin ultrabook from Samsung known as the Series 9 is now available in silver, according to a report from which cited a press release from the Korean-based company. Visiting the website also revealed an image of the silver version.

Samsung has targeted its S9 laptop as an alternative to Apple’s MacBook Air, notably featuring the laptop going head to head with a device that resembles the Air in a prominent TV advertisement.

Fitting Intel’s Ultrabook specifications, the 15-inch Samsung laptop was initially available in a mineral ash black color. The 15-inch silver version of the laptop itself operates using an Intel Core processor and features 8GB of ram. reported that Samsung’s press release emphasized that the silver design was made to appeal to younger consumers.

A 13-inch silver version will makes its debut later on. Silver is nothing new for Samsung laptops. The company’s currently available Samsung Series 5 laptop is also available in the color. provides some cool images of the silver Ultrabook.