Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Rumoured to Feature A Metal Body

Samsung's Galaxy S5 Rumoured to Feature A Metal Body(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – In early 2014, two of the biggest tech events will take place in Las Vegas and Barcelona, where thousands of new products will be launched.

Samsung is among the many companies expected to announce its new product, this being the Galaxy S5, reports Android Geek.

The S5 is believed to be the first smartphone from Samsung to feature an aluminum metal chassis. NDTV Gadgets reports that the alleged phone would be manufactured by Catcher, Taiwanese based company that manufacturers aluminum unibody for devices like HTC One and iPad mini2.

Other reports have also speculated that Samsung would most likely make two models of the Galaxy S5, one with a plastic body and the other with the metal chassis.

The S5 is predicted to be released earlier than expected as a way to boost smartphone sales, with a rumored release in late February/ March.