Santa Clara, CA: Mozilla Works on Data Center

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Mozilla, the company responsible for popular internet web browser Firefox is adding onto its California data center presence.

The company made the announcement through its web blog yesterday.

Referred to as “Project: SCL3,” the data center will expand on Mozilla’s already three facilities in California’s Bay Area.

Explaining how it refers to its data center, Mozilla stated, “We use a three letter code followed by a number to name our facilities, both Mozilla Spaces and data centers.  This code seems reasonably mnemonic and doesn’t collide with too many three letter airport/IATA codes.  You’ll see us use these codes when we talk about hardware or servers at various locations.”

The company is working with provider Vantage Data Centers to make the new facility operational.

By adding a new data center, Mozilla says it has focused on issues including consolidation, power, and growth. Meanwhile, the company has other data center locations that include Amsterdam and Phoenix. For more information on the matter, view a Mozilla blog post: