ScaleMatrix, Cloudian, and OnRamp BioInformatics help break down barriers for human genome sequencing start-ups

Hybrid-cloud services provider ScaleMatrix teams with Cloudian, a global leader in hybrid-cloud object storage systems, and OnRamp BioInformatics to improve efficiencies of data analysis and storage for life sciences companies focused on human genomics.

ScaleMatrix operates a 14,000-square-foot life-sciences incubator that couples a CLIA-certified genomics laboratory with a state-of-the-art data center powering Cloudian object storage and OnRamp BioInformatics genomic analysis software. The incubator helps reduce the barriers to entry for early-stage companies in the fields of genomics, molecular diagnostics, and bioinformatics.

Co-founder of ScaleMatrix, Chris Orlando, states the company helps break down major barriers in life sciences, which involve massive data storage and analysis requirements that are not within reach of start-ups.

Orlando also states that Cloudian’s petabyte-scalable storage is the ideal platform to quickly and cost-effectively accommodate the data volumes inherent in genomic research. OnRamp BioInformatics completes the solution with an intuitive user experience, workflow automation, and comprehensive data and analysis tracking to increase storage efficiency and research productivity.

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