Scality launches Zenko, an open source Multi-Cloud Data Controller

Scality’s new open source Multi-Cloud Data Controller, Zenko, provides insight into and control of unstructured data at scale for both private and public cloud storage. Zenko is free to use and embed into developer applications, and provides a unified interface based on a proven implementation of the Amazon S3 API across clouds. Scality’s vision for Zenko is to add data management controls to protect vital business assets.

Zenko builds on the success of Scality S3 Server, the open-source implementation of the Amazon S3 API. Zenko Multi-Cloud Data Controller expands the Scality S3 Server, and includes support for S3 API, native format, backbeat data workflow, and clueso metadata search. With Zenko, developers can build once and deploy across any cloud service.

Read the full post at Scality to learn more on Zenko, and its support for Amazon S3 API and Microsoft Azure Cloud.