Scality reaches 600,000 downloads with open-source Scality S3 Server

Launched just a year ago, Scality S3 Server closes in on 600,000 downloads on DockerHub. The company says its S3 Server object storage is being used in production by Polyconseil and Cityzen Data, and is being adopted across healthcare, scientific research, finance, media, manufacturing, and government case uses. Scality S3 Server is free to download and use under the Apache 2.0 license.

Clients including Polyconseil state they use Scality S3 Server exclusively to store user data instead of using a shared network file system which does not work well with containers or third-party applications. Cityzen Data uses Scality S3 Server to access massive amounts of packed sensor data from any cloud using Scality’s single interface.

Scality S3 Server is small enough to be used on a laptop for developers to test their application locally, but robust enough to be deployed in production, as well as in a Highly Available (HA) configuration with Docker Swarm. Advanced enterprise features are readily available by extending S3 Server with the Scality RING.

Read the full post at Scality to learn more about Scality S3 Server features including single-sign-on enterprise protocols and the ability to leverage the Amazon S3 API for free.