Scareware Rings Shut Down by FBI

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Two international ‘Scareware” Rings were recently shut down by the FBI, the bureau announced Wednesday.

Scareware refers to pesky pop-ups that plague desktop screens. They usually falsely inform victims that they need to purchase anti-virus software after the scareware falsely alerts the victim of a virus attack on their computer.

In the report, the FBI discussed the two scams shut down by an operation it called “Trident Tribunal.”

The FBI says that one scam netted $72 million dollars by tricking nearly 960 thousand customers into buying antivirus software. The scareware had informed victims they needed to purchase antivirus software.

The other scam involved a fake advertising company that sold an ad to the website of a Minneapolis paper. Once the paper had posted that ad to its site, the fake agency altered the fake ad’s coding, thus resulting in a link to scareware.

The FBI concluded by giving web users tips on how to spot scareware. Meanwhile, the FBI is continuing its investigation into scareware.

For the entire FBI report on the matter, visit: