Sectorlink Launches New Cloud Web Hosting Service That Redefines Shared Web Hosting

Sectorlink Launches New Cloud Web Hosting Service That Redefines Shared Web Hosting(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Sectorlink, LLC ( an industry leader in web hosting and dedicated servers, announced this week the release of a new cloud web hosting infrastructure which will provide scalability and growth for customers.

The new service takes web hosting to a whole new level, eliminating the single point of failure of traditional web hosting.

Sectorlink’s new infrastructure includes an internally developed customer interface which will allow the end-user to deploy an account throughout a load-balanced cluster. Because component services are no longer isolated to a single physical server, overall performance and availability will be increased. Additionally, this infrastructure will allow the user to select a Linux or Windows hosting environment per website, without the need for separate accounts. Newly deployed websites, mail services and database services are deployed across multiple servers.

Sectorlink has made cloud hosting affordable with packages starting at $5.00 per month with all the features you would expect from traditional web hosting. Unlimited-domain packages are also available, allowing businesses to scale to whatever size they may need. The time where users had to deploy complete cloud servers to manage is now a thing of the past. The look, feel and ease of use of traditional web hosting with the power of the cloud makes much more sense to end users that are not server administrators.

Since 1996, Sectorlink has become a recognized leader in the global web hosting and dedicated server market. We maintain our own data centers and employees and do not resell web hosting or dedicated server services from other companies. Sectorlink understands the need for personal attention and prides itself on offering our clients the best customer service 24/7/365.