Security and Safety Tips for Using Mobile Devices

Security and Safety Tips for Using Mobile Devices(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Mobile devices have greatly simplified life for most people around the world, but as with any modern technology, there are security concerns associated with their use. Mobile devices have a huge number of remarkable capabilities, including the ability to control everything from home automation systems to wireless security systems. The security professionals at created a list of security tips specifically designed for mobile device users. provides reviews of the best security system companies throughout the country.

1.    Just like computers, mobile devices are equipped with software, and that software should always be current and updated. Having the newest operating systems, apps and security software will prevent a mobile device user from being the victim of cyber security threats.

2.    For mobile users who connect their device to computers or other devices with internet access, all of these devices need to have updated security software as well.

3.    Know what type of apps are being downloaded. Before downloading any app, the user should know what data will be accessed through its usage. It’s best to only download the most popular apps, because many less popular and well-known apps can be infected. It’s also best to only download apps from well-known platforms, like GooglePlay or the Amazon app store.

4.    Always use a passcode to protect mobile devices. This is particularly true for individuals who conduct online banking or other personal tasks from their mobile device.

5.    Disabling a mobile device’s geotagging feature can help to protect personal data.

6.    Be aware of who is calling, texting and emailing. There are a number of fraudulent calls and texts that are made every day in an attempt to “phish” for personal information.

7.    Limit activities when using public Wi-Fi hotspots, because this can be a significant source of identity theft. For example, try to refrain from online shopping and banking when using a mobile hotspot.

8.    Routinely backup important files and information that are stored on a mobile device, so that in case the device is destroyed or stolen, those items will still be accessible.

9.    If using a web browser on a mobile device, check the URL of any sites visited before clicking on them, to make sure a phony site isn’t being accessed.

10.    Don’t use mobile devices to take pictures of people without their permission, or to post unauthorized personal information. This can lead to legal problems.


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