Send Google Docs for Signature with PandaDoc Add-On

Send Google Docs for Signature with PandaDoc Add-On(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Today we are thrilled to announce PandaDoc’s part in the premiere of the Google Docs add-on store. An “add-on” is a brand-new way to add new features to Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms. Now, any Google Docs user can get the PandaDoc add-on to turn a stagnant document into a legally binding one with electronic signature, notations, initials, and live negotiations. They can send their newly created PandaDoc right from within the comfort of Google Docs, receiving notifications as soon as their document is opened, if it’s commented on or signed. Sales reps especially will find appeal in the ability to see which recipient was looking at which section of the Google Doc for how long, allowing them to do insightful and well-timed follow-up.

Considering the standards that Google is known for, it’s clear PandaDoc has developed a resourceful and well-designed solution, particularly geared toward sales teams, that allows it to stand out in an admittedly crowded competitive marketplace.

This partnership solidifies our focus on PandaDoc being truly cloud-based and opens up our solution to the more than five million Google Professional App customers. This also joins our proud community of other partnerships, including integrations with Nimble, Harvest, Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, Dropbox, and our very own Quote Roller proposal software.