Offers European IP Addresses

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – has expanded its business even further this summer when it announced that they have 30 new C class IP addresses available in Europe.  The new addresses became available as of June 15th, 2011 making them the newest product offered.  Josh Ward, manager of, says that the company can offer these 30 new C classes on a shared hosting platform, or up to 1,000 Class C IPs on a dedicated server.  A shared web hosting service is one where multiple websites are held on the same server and each site rents out its own space.  A dedicated web hosting service is one where an entire server is dedicated entirely to one client which keeps them insulated from other web activity.

Given that SEO has about 250+ unique IP addresses, this addition is a fairly sizeable increase. expects that this will bring a great deal of new business, and opens up their services to new European markets.  In addition, this move will have a similar effect for their customers who are targeting international audiences.  By offering European IP addresses, SEO is moving their business and their clients closer to Europe.

Each new IP address will cost $8 per month.  The pricing and packages can be found on the packages/plans page of SEO’s website. is a leader in providing managed and unmanaged hosting solutions with datacenters in Detroit, Nevada, Silicon Valley, Philadelphia and the UK.  Services include shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting solutions for SEO service providers and resellers.

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