Server Breach Hits Blacknight Networks

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Server breaches remain one of the most dangerous threats to the online community. On Tuesday, web hosting provider Blacknight found itself dealing with just that.

The company detected a breach effecting customer data pertaining to around 40 thousand of its customers. Thankfully the issue didn’t expose financial data but was limited to phone numbers and email addresses.

It’s a breach that Blacknight emphasized caused “miminal damage” in a press release headline put out by the company.

“We take our responsibilities to our customers very seriously and have already been in touch with the Data Protection Commissioner and have informed them of the breach,” stated Blacknight employee Michele Neylon when discussing the matter today.

Neylon continued, “Blacknight is a secure company, however data breaches are a reality that almost every online company must face. We are taking this opportunity to increase our security even further and apologize to our customers for any inconvenience this may cause.”

In the aftermath of the breach, the company is taking further security measures. The Irish-based provider has alerted the Irish Reporting and Information Security Service to the intrusion. It’s also contacted the country’s Office of Data Protection. Along with that, the company is asking that users change their login passwords.

Tuesday’s breach is just the second to affect a web hosting company within the past month. Earlier in January, web hosting provider DreamHost revealed that it had been hit with an attack relying on an exploit.

Blacknight’s hosting services include SharePoint, cloud, Hosted Exchange and Minimus Hosting. Just earlier this week, the company announced that it had added goMobi, a business mobile solution to services by the company.