Set to Revolutionize the Web? ICANN Unveils Applied for gTLDs

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – .BLOG, .INC, .ART, .HOME and .BUY are applied for gTLDs in a list composed of 1,930 unveiled by online authority ICANN on Wednesday. The revelation follows an extensive application process held between January and May. “We are standing at the cusp of a new era of online innovation,” commented ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom in a company press release regarding the matter. “

“That means new businesses, new marketing tools, new jobs, and new ways to link communities and share information,” Beckstrom emphasized.

While this list has arrived, it doesn’t mean the domain extensions will become available just yet. Next is a 60 day comment period in which the public will be able to analyze and object to the applied for gTLDs. Meanwhile, ICANN released statistics revealing that most applications came from North America (911 of them) while 675 were from Europe. Behind those geographic areas were the Asia-Pacific region (accounting for 303 applications) followed by Latin America (24 applications) and Africa (17 applications).

Simply having a new gTLD considered came with the hefty price of $185 thousand dollars. However, a discounted amount was provided to applicants meeting particular criteria. ICANN made news headlines during the application process when it was forced to temporarily disable its system following the discovery of a flaw the lead to delays.

Among the top companies that applied for gTLDs was Google. The Internet search giant is hoping to have .GOOGLE, .DOCS, .YOUTUBE and .LOL. approved by ICANN.

Extending TLDs outside the traditional realm of those that already include .COM, .NET, .ORG marks a big shift in the Internet’s infrastructure. You can find the list here (