Several Factors Challenge China’s Cloud Growth

Several Factors Could Impede Chinese Cloud Growth(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – China’s cloud market is definitely on the up. However, several factors could impede such growth, analysis from Netcraft revealed Friday.

After noting China-based cloud provider Aliyun in September had six times more “web-facing computers” compared to just one year ago, Netcraft suggested that China’s “Great Firewall” in part limited China’s cloud potential to the “local market.”

TLD share at Aliyun saw the company hosting 51% of its domains as .CN TLDs while just 41% were .COM.

China’s “Great Firewall,” otherwise known as the Golden Shield Project is used to filter citizens’ access to websites in the country.

Aside from growing its web facing computers (rise of 2,670 to 17,934), Alyun experienced a jump in hostnames (91,553 to 389,171) and active sites (23,596 to 150,089) during the course of last year.

Meanwhile, Netcraft pointed out some other obstacles including bad pricing models, unattractive operating systems, patchy internet connectivity and companies only hosting with Chinese customers.

“The current obstacles suggest that the cloud is unlikely to be outsourced to China yet. However, the availability of cloud computers in China is likely to increase to match its rapidly increasing local demand with competition both from local providers like Aliyun and overseas players like Microsoft and Amazon. Microsoft has collaborated with a partner company in China, 21Vianet, in order to bring its Cloud to China, and is making competitive price plans customised for the Chinese market. Perhaps by following this model, other non-Chinese companies such as Amazon could enter the Chinese market, providing local data centres and support to Chinese-speaking customers within the stricter regulatory environment. Equally, if some red tape were cut and network connectivity improved, Aliyun and other Chinese cloud providers could be poised to take a larger share of the global cloud computing market,” stated Netcraft through its study.

China currently has a larger number of internet users than both the United States and Europe.