ShepHertz App42 Polyglot PaaS Now Supports Python & Django Framework

ShepHertz App42 Polyglot PaaS Now Supports Python & Django Framework(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  App42 PaaS from ShepHertz has added support for Python and Django to its Polyglot App42 PaaS Platform, which is already supporting Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.js. Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages for web development. With Python support App42 PaaS has covered all of the popular web technologies. Now you can deploy your Python applications on High Available and Scalable platform i.e. App42 PaaS. With Python support, you also get out of the box services integration (like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis).

Python support on App42 PaaS supports Django which makes it easier to build better Web apps more quickly and with less code and encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. It lets you build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly. Django focuses on automating as much as possible and adhering to the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle.

App42 PaaS with its unmatched features like BPaaS and GPaaS was launched in November 2013 by ShepHertz Technologies and seen great adoption in the developer community. You can visit our post to get started with Python and Django on App42 PaaS.

About ShepHertz

ShepHertz is a Cloud Ecosystem Provider for Apps i.e. Mobile, Web, Social, Gaming and TV Apps. ShepHertz’ endeavour is to make App developers successful on the Cloud, irrespective of the technology or platform on which they are developing. Their product line provides one-stop-shop ecosystem for developing Apps on the Cloud. Their Product line consists of App42 Cloud API – BaaS (Backend as a Service), AppWarp- Multiplayer Gaming Engine, App42 PaaS with App42 BPaaS & GPaaS solutions.