ShoreGroup Unifies Multi-sourced Support and Cloud Managed Services with Cisco ServiceGrid

ShoreGroup Unifies Multi-sourced Support and Cloud Managed Services with Cisco ServiceGrid(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – ShoreGroup today announced that it is among the first managed service providers to meet all program requirements and be named a Cisco ServiceGrid Advanced Technology Provider (ATP). Achieving this invitation-only ATP provides customers and business partners with the assurance that ShoreGroup managed services and private SaaS solutions are part of Cisco’s cloud of integrated service providers.

Companies now operate complex IT environments using a hybrid support approach that involves internally sourced services, and several specialized service providers. As the move to multi-sourced support and cloud services accelerates, new complexities arise in the coordination of support among customer teams and the multiple service providers the company has engaged. To optimize support collaboration and visualization, ShoreGroup leverages Cisco ServiceGrid to exchange highly secure support and management data between its CaseSentry Management Platform, the customer’s own enterprise IT management systems, and other service provider systems located in the cloud.

“ShoreGroup is experiencing an exponential increase in deployments that incorporate systems integration to enable our large enterprise and service provider customers to leverage CaseSentry’s advanced monitoring, support and workflow automation, and operational intelligence within their global management ecosystem,” said Robert Veghte Kennedy, ShoreGroup’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “ServiceGrid reduces integration complexity, and allows us to implement e-bonding quickly. ServiceGrid also gives us the flexibility that’s needed to produce time and money saving automated support applications that span multiple management platforms and service providers. As a managed service provider, management software developer, and ServiceGrid Advanced Technology Provider, ShoreGroup is uniquely qualified to design and deploy unified management environments that enable customers to reduce cost, streamline support delivery, increase visibility, and better manage supplier governance.”

About ShoreGroup

ShoreGroup is the globally recognized managed services company helping customers achieve their strategic goals by empowering IT operations. Our service approach enables customers to leverage ShoreGroup’s expert knowledge and comprehensive patented management technology to create and ensure the optimal success of their vital unified communications, collaboration, contact center, virtualized data center and network assets.

Our customers are major enterprises, cloud and hosted solution providers, medium to large businesses and government agencies that rely on ShoreGroup’s service solutions to realize their business objectives for reduced IT operational costs, service assurance, improved availability and performance, and increased customer satisfaction. ShoreGroup’s innovative services are delivered directly or through leading channel partners who recognize that ShoreGroup has the best in class service and management technology in the industry.

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