SimCity Finally Returns; Adds Multiplayer

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – City management has returned to the forefront of gaming as EA announced the launch of the latest in the SimCity series on Tuesday.

The game was made in coordination with developer Maxis and availability is included as a digital download through Origin along with retail locations.

“This is a new SimCity that delivers unprecedented depth of simulation. The model-like world and detail of the simulation make this the most responsive and personal SimCity ever. This is also the most expansive city management game yet where you can control a region that delivers true multi-city scale and play a single city or up to 16 cities at once each with different specializations,” reads a game description via

The biggest addition to the series, meanwhile, appears to be the inclusion of a multiplayer mode – something the game developer says allows players to collaborate.

The new SimCity arrives after years in which a title for the series hadn’t been released. The previously most recent version launched all the way back in 2007 as SimCity Societies. Watch the trailer for SimCity below: