SimCity Receives Theme Park DLC from EA, Maxis

SimCity Receives Theme Park DLC from EA, Maxis(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Good news residents of SimCity: Fun times have arrived in the form of theme parks.

EA and Maxis announced the latest DLC last Friday and it arrived on Tuesday.

“The Amusement Park is a tourist attraction similar to casinos and landmarks, however the way in which you use the Amusement Park is very different. We really wanted to add new content that not only enhances the look and appeal of your city, but also give you even more things to do as a Mayor. And that’s what this set does – in addition to managing your city like always, running a successful Amusement Park is almost a mini-game in itself. Sound fun?” explained Gameplay Scripter Jason Halvorson via a blog post.

Functionality for theme parks includes things such as signs, main and secondary attractions, concession stands, mini train stations, park gates and benches.

A report from PCWorld, meanwhile, correctly drew a link to 1994’s Theme Park game.