SiteCloud Launches Cloud Hosting Service

(Ping! Zine) – announced today that it is entering the web hosting market with their proprietary cloud hosting platform built on top of Amazon’s Elastic Cloud and features cPanel / WHM. offers twelve advertised packages scaled within the cloud hosting architecture for the equivalent of; Shared, VPS, Dedicated Server and Reseller Hosting services.
“We believe SiteCloud will become a leader in the web site hosting industry.” Says Trey Gardner. “Our cPanel cloud hosting services allows us to host larger and more active web sites. Typically larger, more active web sites are turned away from shared hosting providers and are forced to migrate to a VPS or dedicated server, a tedious process for most webmasters. At SiteCloud if a web site becomes more successful and needs more resources, our proprietary system is able to automatically adapt and scale to the load. We then offer an upgrade within the cloud environment, where the users keep the same control panel and there is no migration to another server. We just allocate more resources allowed to be used by the customer.
In addition, SiteCloud’s cloud hosting infrastructure allows us to offer a far more reliable web hosting service. In the cloud individual hardware failures do not pose the same types of threats to the stability of hosting like they do with single server hosting which means more reliability for our clients’ web sites.” added Trey.