Sitefinity Hosting Wins Best Sitefinity Host Award

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Sitefinity Hosting, which is a subsidiary company of the well known hosting company ASPnix, is well known for their dedication to providing their customers with some of the highest quality web hosting products and services in the industry. They are recognized as an official Microsoft Hosting Partner, having specialized in ASP.NET technology for about ten years.

Sitefinity Hosting provides a specially designed premium web hosting package that is hosted on professional high performance servers allowing their customers websites to consistently experience incredible up-times and extremely fast page loading. Unlike many web hosting providers that have up to 500 websites hosted on one server, Sitefinity Hosting only hosts up to 50 sites on any given server which makes their servers load up to 10 times faster than the average.

Sitefinity Hosting offers a professional shared hosting plan, Sitefinity cloud hosting, and Sitefinity dedicated servers, all of which have unique features. The Sitefinity shared hosting plan has a free dedicated IP address for secure sockets layer (SSL) security. The Sitefinity cloud hosting plan is an ASPnix Virtual Private Server (VPS) plan that includes complete virtual isolation and customizable server software. All of the Sitefinity Dedicated Servers come with a pre-installed version of Windows Server operating system and hardware configurations to suit you needs.

What is Sitefinity?
Sitefinity Web CMS 4.0 uses the newest technology to bring users one of the best content management systems (CMS) available. This CMS provides a revolutionary user interface that is simple to use, scalable to individual needs, and excels in performance levels. Sitefinity CMS was created by developers for developers to provide an easy to use, yet very customizable management system for those familiar with ASP.NET techniques. With Sitefinity’s fully-exposed API webmasters have the freedom to develop their own modules, controls or integrate their-party software quickly and efficiently. With Sitefinity functionality businesses of nearly any size have the ability to create award-winning websites in no time.