SiteOnMobi Unveils Free goMobi WHMCS Add-On

SiteOnMobi Unveils Free goMobi WHMCS add-on(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Integration & automation are the standards nowadays on the Web. Everyone wants to do as little as possible, yet still be effective. Streamlining systems, processes and workflows simply means more PROFIT. We have taken a strong understanding to this and have developed many ways for you to bridge your business with ours.

Today we released the new and improved FREE goMobi WHMCS API add-on  !

All the API functions are available. For example create a free trial, subscription management, change domain, alias settings and a one-click access to the control panel. You can find all the details and download the free plug-in at our special WHMCS manual at:

About SiteOnMobi

It’s official. We’re in a post desktop world! Don’t wait any longer. Not having a mobile site is literally like closing down your business one day out of every week. So said Google back in late 2010 based on an estimate that 15% of all web traffic was mobile originated. Fast forward to today and that figure could be closer to 30% in some markets. That’s the equivalent of 2 days out of every week. And if you’re not present on mobile, or you have a crummy desktop experience, your customers will simply end up at your competitors’ mobile ready storefront. SiteOnMobi offers businesses a fast and easy way to create a mobile website specific to their business needs to grow traffic, convert leads and grow revenue.