Skype Re-Enables Password Resets After Fixing Flaw

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Skype’s developers temporarily disabled password resets for the popular chatting platform after a vulnerability was detailed recently via online web forums.

According to a BBC report on Wednesday, the issue surfaced on Russian-based forum Xeksec but was later picked up by Reddit, finally alerting the proper officials to its presence.

“We are aware of a new security issue. As user safety is our #1 concern, we’ve temporarily disabled password reset,” Skype stated via its Twitter account.

A later update via the company’s Twitter account read, “Thank you for your tweets – we have resolved the password security issue & restored password resets.”

Users could have been exposed with the vulnerability by registering a new Skype account with previously used emails. That way, two accounts could have been linked.

It’s hardly the first time in the recent past in which Skype has seen itself facing security concerns. In July, it was reported that a glitch was causing the unauthorized sharing of private IM conversations.