Skyrim Elder Scrolls Developer Silenced

1677VampiricGrip(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – ZeniMax Media has reportedly named ZeniMax Online Studios the new developer of Skyrim Elder Scrolls. The game was developed by the Bethesda Game Studios in the past.

Bethesda Game Studios, also known as the developer of Fallout, has not announced any new products for DLC.

While next generation consoles like the PS4 and xbox 720 have yet to launch, it is doubtful players will jump immediately into them. So, it makes sense that Bethseda would continue to develop these games until these next-gen consoles launch and have enough players to support exclusive development.

Not much news has been announced by either developer and we assume that even though Bethseda is no longer a player in the The Elder Scrolls Series, that ZeniMax will continue to develop new DLCs for a while.