Slimmed Down Samsung Galaxy S3 on the Way?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A curious move from phone maker Samsung has sparked rumors the company may soon reveal a smaller version of its flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone.

The tech provider recently publicized invites for something it’s holding next Thursday (October 11), and the invitation itself features a tagline in German translated to “So big can be small. And so small can be big,” according to a report from Mashable. The invite itself was obtained through Mobi Flip.

Mashable also provided some analysis on why the device might make sense for the market. “While very powerful, the original Samsung Galaxy S III is a huge, 4.8-inch device, and it simply doesn’t fit well in everyone’s hands or pockets,” noted the report.

“A “mini” version packing the same (or similar) power as its larger brother might be a good, even more direct competitor to Apple’s iPhone 5,” Mashable went on to say.

The Galaxy S3 was released to considerable fanfare in July. Since then, it has climbed atop the mobile market, bringing in sales that see its maker, Samsung, recognized as the currently most profitable smartphone developer.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is now regarded by many analysists to be the Galaxy SIII’s primary sales competition. Interestingly enough, Apple is set to release a slimmed down version of its popular tablet computer, the iPad in the near future.