Slow Internet Today? It’s Internet Slowdown Day

Google Reportedly Purchased Twitch For $1 Billion (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Many websites known as Team Internet have banded together today and have asked their followers and other websites to participate in Internet Slowdown, an internet protest against net neutrality’s proposed changes.

According to the protesters, the slowdown also gives everyone an idea of what the future of the internet will be if the Federal Communications Commission wins the net neutrality battle.

Team Internet consist of companies like Netflix, Vimeo, Etsy and Mozilla, just to name a few. The band of internet gurus has also earned the support of Google, who sent out emails this morning backing “free and open internet”, according to

For site owners wanting to participate in support of Internet Slowdown Day, Team Internet is asking everyone to change social media avatars and to change website banners and graphics to a “loading icon” symbol for the entire day. the team also urges site owners to link the banners back to their website, which gives information on how to contact legislators associated with the proposed billed. Although the speed of website loads is not really being affected, Team Internet wants to give a visual representation and spread awareness about the proposed changes to net neutrality.

The FCC’s comment deadline is set for September 15th. Afterwards, the FCC will begin legislation on whether service providers will be charged fees for having high traffic or load times that are considered too slow for customers.

No matter which side you are on, it is certain that internet could soon be changed forever, and it is no surprise that major companies have joined together to fight this surfing battle.