SmarterTools Launches SmarterTrack 7.x Beta

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – SmarterTools Inc. is pleased to announce that the public BETA release of SmarterTrack 7.x is now available to anyone, from the small business to the enterprise, that wants to get a sneak peek of the new features coming in the next major release of the popular customer service and help desk software. With a brand new portal interface and a focus on increased mobility, SmarterTrack 7.x is designed to help companies provide a consistent level of customer service to customers regardless of whether agents are at home, at the office or on the road.

“Work environments have become increasingly mobile as employees conduct business from remote offices, en route to meetings or while on vacation, and companies need a customer service platform that can accommodate this shift,” said Tim Uzzanti, CEO of SmarterTools. “The features available in this BETA make SmarterTrack a truly mobile help desk, allowing individuals to respond to tickets, answer live chats, take VoIP calls or monitor all customers on their website while at the office or at the beach.”

New features and enhancements include:
 A redesigned portal interface that makes it easier for customers to find the self-service resources they need when they need them
 Interface improvements that improve the user experience when accessed from the iPad or Android tablets or other mobile devices
 Knowledge base article comments so customers can provide feedback on article content
 A ratings system so customers can rate their favorite or most useful articles
 Auto-translation of knowledge base articles powered by Google Translate
 New events for when an agent goes away from their keyboard or when a follow-up for a ticket is overdue
 Sortable grid views, making it easier to group tickets, calls or live chats by the date they were started, idle time, customer name, etc.

For more information, and to participate in the beta, check out the SmarterTrack 7.x BETA Buzz page.

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