SMBs Stand to Benefit from Parallels-CloudFlare Partnership

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Two big players in the web hosting industry have teamed up to provide more flexibility to SMBs. Users of services from Parallels are now able to resell solutions from CloudFlare, the companies announced recently.

Parallels is highly regarded for its Plesk hosting control panel while CloudFlare offers website acceleration services.

In CloudFlare, Parallels saw a unique partner that offered a superior solution along with a strong adoption trajectory, Elliot Curtis, a Senior Director at Parallels emphasized in an exclusive interview with The Hosting News.

The selection process was thorough with research seeing Parallels interviewing customers of hosting companies along with SMB end-users. The common answer as to what apps drew the most interest? CloudFlare.

Dealing with the process, both companies collaborated together, providing integration via the development of Automation plug-ins for Parallel’s Plesk Panel and the company’s automation solution.

“The integration was done with the focus on ease of use for both hosting providers and SMBs,” commented Matthew Prince, Co-Founder and CEO at CloudFlare.

So how does the reselling work and how do Parallels’ service providers stand to benefit from the move?

Specifically, a revenue split is provided. “CloudFlare offers a wholesale rate to Parallels while Parallels provides a standard rate to hosts to resell. Hosts can also offer the service either as free or charge for it,” Prince continued.

CloudFlare’s network is expansive and is sure to be an integral benefit of the partnership. The company adds 3,000 new customers per day. As it currently stands, it partners with 2,500 hosting providers. On average, it’s adding an additional 10 new partners every day with no revenue sharing.

The initiative has already begun and is having an impact among providers.

“As a result of our partnership with Parallels, we have been able to bring a number of innovative solutions to our customers,” commented SoftCom Chief Marketing Officers Celal Ulgen in a press release.

And now the with availability of CloudFlare, Ulgen only sees things getting better. “Now that CloudFlare is available in Parallels Automation, we will have another service to further improve our customers’ experience.”

CloudFlare’s offerings include the company’s own CDN, assisting customers with content distribution on a global scale. Among other key services are security, protecting against SQL injections and DDoS along with analytics, providing users with insight into their website traffic.

And the key benefit offered from the partnership? “This integration enables SMBs to make more money and reduce operating costs,” CloudFare CEO Matthew Prince commented in a press release late last month.