Smite Goes Open Beta, Adds New God Vulcan

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Highly anticipated game Smite recently moved towards open beta, signaling excitement among the gaming community.

Although being initially unveiled in April of 2011 by Hi-Rez Studios, the title didn’t begin closed beta until May of last year.

The game provides a battle arena in which five players on each team go head to head via maps containing spawning pools and towers.

The move to beta was expected to happen Wednesday and Hi-Rez warned that users could notice some issues. “Several hours of server downtime should be expected while the patch is deployed,” the company commented via its website.

The Open Beta Version introduces a new god named Vulcan who can blast fireballs, contrast Inferno Cannons and more.

Other changes via the beta include expanded clan tags (5), a visual makeover for the login screen, a crash fix and item and God Changes.